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August 14, 2022, 2:13 am
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Reverse Osmosis

How does Reverse Osmosis work?

This is just a outline of how reverse osmosis works. Reverse osmosis is one of the many ways to clean water from unwanted particles and impurities. How it works is when water rains down to earth it is in a clean and pure state. In this pure state it doesnít have any particles or impurities in it. But as it falls down to earth it picks up dust particles and anything that is blown up in the air by wind. Then when it falls on the ground and starts to drain into the ground it flows past rocks, all other minerals, pollution particles, waste water and feces caused by humans and animals.  All these aspects dissolve into the water making it either better or worse for human consumption. When there is particles in water it makes the water heavy. To measure how heavy the water is the total dissolved solids are counted and so we get a TDS reading, it stands for Total Dissolved Solids. The higher the reading of TDS is the more particles there is in water, the lower the reading means that there isnít a lot of particles in the water.

There is many reasons for removing these particles from water. For instance there is water that is used to remove dirt and bird feces from power lines and we all know that water is a good conductor of electricity, but that is only because it has these dissolved solids in it that conducts the electricity. If these particles are removed from the water than water canít conduct electricity. And that is the reason way they can use water to pressure wash these power lines and not get electrocuted. To get the water free from dissolved solids they use reverse osmosis. 

Reverse osmosis is the exclusion of particles in a concentrated solution. It is sometimes called membrane filtration. A membrane is made up of layers of materials that creates holes in the layers of 0.0001 in size, so that all the other unwanted minerals and impurities are left behind that cant go through. As pressure is applied to water directly on the membrane is does a reverse motion on the membrane taking the particles that canít go through it out through a restricted hole on the side. This water is waste. The water that comes out on the other side is 97-99% pure water. Some times it is put through more then one membrane to make sure the water is 99.9-100% pure of contaminants for the use of making pharmaceutical products, cleaning electric power lines, fabrication of products and other uses. 

Because the water doesnít have particles or dissolved solids, it doesnít transfer heat easily and there for doesnít get warm quickly. This makes pure water good for keeping your car from overheating and keeping other manufacturing machinery at a low temperature. But in turn this makes reverse osmosis water not the best to use in a geyser. Making the geyser use more electricity to get water hot.

The reason a home water purifier like the 5,6,7 stage reverse osmosis system has multiple stages of filters, is so that the membrane doesnít clog up that easily. Every filter stage removes a particular type or size of particle from water. In this way protecting the next filter and so make the next water filter last longer to for fill its function. 

It is essential to keep the filters before the membrane clean. If they get dirty and clog up, it doesnít circulate the water and so starting to bread bacteria, smell and causing it to get worse faster by getting a bigger concentrate of dissolved solids. This water will then be forced threw the filter by the pressure applied to the water. And this effects the next filter and so making more waste water and pushing the dissolved solids threw the membrane and making your reverse osmosis system not performing to its ability.

Reverse osmosis and health



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