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7 Stage RO Purifier
7 stage ro purifier .jpg

This 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis water purifier is the most popular way of water purification!!!!!


Removes more then 98% of all harmful bacteria, viruses and contaminants

Reverse Osmosis is the best way of water filtration in the world

Fits under the counter and keeps the countertop space open

The faucet is fully metal, modern and stylish

Installation manual included

Add some healthy minerals to water

Filters is cost effective

3 Year warranty

Stages of filtration

Stage 1: 5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment filter - Removes everything you can see with the naked eye. (Sand, worms, leaves)

Stage 2: Granule Activated Carbon Filter - Chlorine and Lime

Stage 3: 1 Micron Activated Carbon Block Filter - Chemicals and impurities

Stage 4: Fullcome Membrane 50 GPD - 0,0001 Micron. Removes everything bigger than 0,0001 of a micron, including viruses and bacteria.

Stage 5: Post Inline Carbon Filter - Gives water a great taste and neutralizes any odours

Stage 6: Mineral ball - Silica Sand, it is a combination of oxygen and silicon. Silica promotes healthy bones and connective tissue. It also prevents premature aging and cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Stage 7: Mineral Stone - It is used in many health products. It puts healthy minerals such as Potassium, Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium back in the water.

Added features:

Includes a pressure regulator, this is of utmost importance as your pressure always needs to stay the same within the system. This feature prevents any leaks and possible bursts when your municipal pressure increases during the night. The 7 stage puts some of the minerals back in the water that you need for healthy living.

Filter Maintenance:

It is recommended to replace the first 3 filters every 10 – 12 months depending on the quality of the water source.

The membrane (Heart of the Purifier) needs replacement every 3-5 years. When the first 3 filters are replaced your water need to be tested to determine the state off the membrane.

The 5th and 6th filter should be replaced every 20 – 24 months.

Price: R2499.00

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