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How to choose the right Reverse Osmosis System for you!


What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)? 




What is the difference between a 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) System?



5 Stage RO   6 Stage RO   7 Stage RO   8 Stage Alkaline RO 8 Stage UV-LIGHT RO

Sediment 5 Micron 10" Std

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Granule Activated Carbon 10" Std


Yes Yes Yes Yes

Activated Carbon Block 10" Std

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Taste & Odore Post Carbon

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Mineral Ball 


Mineral Ball and Stone 

    Yes Yes Yes



6 Watt UV-Light


Number Of Filters Cartriges

5 6 6 7 7

Number of Stages

5 6 7 8 8

Total Disolved Solids

0 - 7 TDS 5 - 15 TDS 7 - 20 TDS 15 - 40 TDS 7 - 20TDS


6.2 - 6.6 pH 6.2 - 6.6 pH 6.2 - 6.6 pH 7.5 - 9.5 pH 6.2 - 6.6 pH


5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System:

All the Reverse Osmosis system work the same in cleaning the water (5 Stage RO)( This will remove chlorine, asbestos, Flauride, Bacteria, Salt, Nitrate and lots of other impurities that are harmfull in high quantitys set out by SANAS)


7 Stage Reverse Osmosis System:

Once the water is clean then it can be ultered in putting in good minerals like Calsium, Magnesium and Potasium (7 Stage RO)


8 Stage Reverse Osmosis Alkaline System:

Reverse osmosis does bring down the pH level to 6.2 - 6.6pH (This water is acidic) We can then add a Alkaline filter that will push the pH up again to around 7.5 - 9.5pH (8 Stage Alakline RO) This water will boost your immune system and help your body by lifting your pH higher so you dont get sick that often. ( NB - The water will taste a little bit more bitter ) 


8 Stage Reverse Osmosis UV-Light System:

If your on a farm or use borehole water with high Bacteria, Colforms, Hidropotic plate count or eColi then it would be a good thing to add a UV-Light to your RO system for added security to kill all Bacteria and Viruses in the water. (8 Stage RO with UV-Light)


What is the differance between a reverse Osmosis System with and without a pump?

Reverse Osmosis water system works with water pressure to get the water through the Membrane. To much pressure will push through impurities and to little pressure will not push the water through resulting in more drain waist water.

0 - 3 Bar inlet pressure = You would need a system with a pump

3 - 6 Bar inlet pressure = You can use a system without a pump

6 - 20 plus Bar inlet pressure = You can use a system without pump bith a pressure reducing valve to protect the system from bursting


Why is there water going into the drain?


Reverse osmosis is a partical seperation process. So it take the clean water to the one side and flush the other half with impurities out.



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