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 Features about this purifier

  • New Slimline design. Use less space
  • New look RO that uses the same standard filters
  • Computer board with LED lights indicating the status of the purifier
  •  This product meets the standard of "Hygienic safety and function evaluation of drinking water quality processor -- Reverse osmosis treatment device"
  • It can be placed on the kitchen counter or on the tabletop or fixed on the wall
  • The easiest RO to install on the market
  • Stronger Housings
  • Easy to service and maintain


Stages of Filtration

Stage 1: 5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment filter - Removes everything you can see with the naked eye. (Sand, worms, leaves)

Stage 2: Granule Activated Carbon Filter - Chlorine and Lime 

Stage 3: 1 Micron Activated Carbon Block Filter - Chemicals and impurities

Stage 4: Full come Membrane 50 GPD - 0,0001 Micron. Removes everything bigger than 0,0001 of a micron, including viruses and bacteria.

Stage 5: Post Inline Carbon Filter - Gives water a great taste and neutralizes any odours


What you get in the box!

  • The New Linki 5 Stage reverse osmosis purifier
  • Storage Tank 8 Liters {Plastic or Steel}
  • RO Pipe 10mm Inlet pipe 
  • RO Pipe 6mm outlet pipe
  • Connection fitting 15mm
  • Red shut off valve 3/8' (10mm)
  • Sediment 5-micron filter
  • Granule activated carbon filter
  • Activated carbon block filter
  • Membrane 75 GPD (+-300 Liters per day)
  • Taste & Odor filter
  • Installation manual
  • Filter housing spanner
  • Pipe type

Filter Maintenance on this purifier:

Every 10 - 12 Months

Sediment 5 Micron 10" St

Granule Activated Carbon 10" Std

Activated Carbon Block 10" Std

Post Carbon Filter (Taste & Odor)

Every 3 - 5 Years

Membrane 75 GPD



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