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Linki 20" Standard UF Purifier 30LPM

This is a Ultrafiltration (UF) filter system with hollow fiber membrane that helps to remove very small particles. 


  • 0.03 Micron for removing Particulates, Viruses and Bacteria bigger the 0.03 micron.
  • Protects other filtration systems like Reverse Osmosis membranes
  • PVDF polymeric hollow fibers privide long service life
  • Washable to increase sevice life
  • Easy to maintain and replace UF-Membrane with wrench to make it a more cost effective option.
  • Water flows outside to in to filter more effective and remove more solids.
  • Size 30LPM


Works the same as Flodot 4862 UF Module No-SD8934 Part No-68FK97 Size-28 Litres



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