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If you want clean water but dont like the waist water from the RO system, then the Ultra Filtration purifier is for you.

It removes everything bigger then 0.1 Micron. 

2 Year warranty



It only takes up a little space and fits under the sink out of the way.

Installation is easy at it only has a inlet and outlet.

Filters is cost effective

No waist water

The faucet is fully metal, modern and stylish


Stages of filtration

Stage 1 Filter: Polypropylene (PP) 5 Micron 10" Standard 

Stage 2 Filter: Granule Activated Carbon (GAC) 10" Standard

Stage 3 Filter: Activated Carbon Block (CTO) 10" Standard

Stage 4 Filter: UF Membrane (0.1Micron)


What do you get in the box!

  • 5 Stage UF Purifier
  • 2m Pipe
  • Connection Fitting
  • Blue shut off valve
  • Luxury faucet silver
  • Sediment 5 Micron 10" Standard Filter
  • Granule Activated Carbon 10" Standard Filter
  • Activated Carbon Block 10" Standard Filter
  • UF Membrane
  • Filter housing spanner


Filter Maintenance

It is recommended to replace all these filters every 10 to 12 months. 

Every 10 - 12 Months    Price for filter alone Price of filters together
Sediment 5 Micron 10" Std R55  
GAC / UDF 10" Std R79  
CTO 10" Std R79  
UF Membrane R170 R370


Price: R1450.00

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