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Thes systems are comlete with all componants needed.

1 x FRP Vessel

1 x Controler Head (Automatic or Manual)

1 x Riser pipe

1 x Top and Bottom Strainers

Silica Sand Filter Media

844 comes with 1 x 25kg Bag

1054 comes with 2 x 25kg Bags

1354 comes with 3 x 25Kg Bags


Prices on these systems:

Complete 844 with Manual head = R5500.00

Complete 844 with Automatic head = R6500.00 

Complete 1054 with Manual head = R6500.00

Complete 1054 with Automatic head = R7500.00

Complete 1354 with Manual head = R7500.00

Complete 1354 with Automatic head = R8500.00

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