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For quotes on industrial purification you should please Contact Us or be Contacted! All Industrial purifiers are custom build to the specifications that is needed for the intended use. We do build Reverse Osmosis, UV light and all other types of water filtration units. It will all depend on the quality of your water source, volume of water needed per hour or per day and the desired quality of water for use in industry.

300GPD Reverse Osmosis Purifier 50L/H

800GPD Reverse Osmosis Purifier 100L/H = R29 999.00

1500GPD Reverse Osmosis Purifier 200L/H

2000GPD Reverse Osmosis Purifier 250L/H

4000GPD Reverse Osmosis Purifier 500L/H

6000GPD Revese Osmosis Purifier 1000L/H

18000GPD Reverse Osmosis Purifier 3000L/H 

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