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Tankless Reverse Osmosis Purifier 300 GPD


Features about this purifier


  • No tank so no space wasted
  • Removes more then 98% of all harmful bacteria, viruses and contaminants
  • Reverse osmosis is the best way of water filtration in the world
  • Fits under the counter and keeps the countertop space open
  • Installation manual included
  • Ads some minerals to water
  • Filter is cost effective
  • Booster pump to increase water pressure threw filters
  • 1 year warranty


Stages of filtration


Stage 1: Polypropylene Sediment filter 5 Micron - Removes everything you can see with the naked eye. (Sand, worms, leaves)

Stage 2: Granule Activated Carbon Filter - Chlorine and Lime

Stage 3: Block Activated Carbon Filter - Chemicals and impurities

Stage 4: Fullcome Membrane 300 GPD - 0,0001 Micron. Removes everything bigger than 0,0001 of a micron, including viruses and bacteria.

Stage 5: Post Inline Carbon Filter - Gives water a great taste and neutralizes any odours


Filter maintenance on this purifier:


Every 10 - 12 Months Price for filters alone Price for filters together
Sediment 5 Micron Filter R55.00  
Granule Activated Carbon R79.00  
Activated Carbon Block R79.00  
Post Filter ( Taste & Odor) R99.00 R290.00
Every 3 - 5 Years    
Membrane 300 GPD R1500.00 R1699.00
We do service water purifiers!!!   Service fee = R260.00

Price: R5499.00


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