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This is a must for every home!


Features about this purifier


  • Clean water for every tap and shower in the house
  • Minimize corrosion of appliances and water pipes
  • Stands outside the house no kitchen space wasted
  • 3 year warranty
  • Reduce bad smells in water




All water flowing throughout the house will be filtered/purified. You will experience peace of mind if outside pipes exporting the water burst, crack or is being neglected. Your health will improve if chemicals in the water are filtered out. It will reduce irritation and dryness of skin.


Stages of filtration


Stage 1

Filter: 5 Micron Polypropylene

Function: Removes sand, dirt, leaves, etc.

Stage 2

Filter: Granule Activated Carbon

Function: Removes Chlorine, chemicals, lime, etc.

Stage 3

Filter: 1 Micron Activated Carbon Block

Function: Removes Sediment, odors, bad tastes, chlorine and hundreds of other chemicals.


Filter Maintenance:


Every 10 - 12 Months Price for filter alone Price for filters together
Sediment 5 Micron Filter 20" Standard R90.00  
Granule Activated Carbon 20" Standard R150.00  
Activated Carbon Block 20" Standard R150.00 R350.00
We do service water purifiers!!!   Service fee = R260.00


Price: Was R2999.00 now only R1999.00


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