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Small and compact Fits under counter and keeps countertop open It is not expensive to maintain Improves the taste and smell of water 3-year warranty Clean water with no loss of water pressure Easy filter change Faucet is modern and stylish looking Filters change every year 
This system is a little more effective than the 3 stages. This is a good system to have for preventing dirt and most smaller particles that might get into water supply through old pipes that are corroded, cracked. It takes out all basic impurities like chlorine, Lime, sand, worms, and rust. 
Stages of filtration 
Stage 1 Filter: Polypropylene Function: Removes sand, worms, leaves, etc. from water 
Stage 2 Filter: Granule Activated Carbon Function: Removes chlorine, lead, etc. from water 
Stage 3 Filter: Activated carbon block Function: Removes chemicals and impurities from water 
Stage 4 Filter: Post inline carbon Function: Gives a great taste to water and neutralizes the bad smell 
Filter maintenance 
It is recommended to replace all these filters every 10 12 months. 
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