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Sediment Filter: 1 Micron Sediment Filter that removes sediments and protects the system.
High Pressure Pump: 1HP Motor + Italian made Rotary Vane Pump with flow rate of 1080 Liters/H.
High Pressure Pump: High quality stainless steel Grundfos Pump for long-life usage.
RO Membrane: One of the industry's leading brackish water RO elements - Hydranautics ESPA3-4040. 
Membrane Housing: 4" x 40" FRP Housing with 300PSI maximum operating pressure.
Pressure Gauges: Glycerin FiUed Gauges for monitoring the system's operating pressure and pre-lilter operating pressures.
Low Pressure Switch: Safety device to protect the pump from running dry when there is insufficient  feed water pressure.
Solenoid Valves: To assist with the on/off functionality of the system and automatic membrane flush.
Flow Meters: One Product and One Waste Flow Meters - Enables operator to actuaUy adjust product to waste ratio and monitor system's performance.
Regulator Valve: One Stainless Steel ANSI 316 Needle Valve - regulates the product to waste ratio (system's recovery).
Micro-Computer Controller: A specialized controller designed by Purltech for commercial systems with automatic controls and TDS monitors.


Stainless Steel Components: ANSI 304 and 316 can be used with solenoid valves and pumps for brackish water treatment.
Concentrate Re-Circalatton
Autllmatlc Pre-treatment Systems
Chemical Dosing Pumps


Capacity: 6000 GPD
RO Membrane: 4 pcs
RO Pump: 3HP
Voltage/Hertz: 110V or 220V / 50Hz or 60Hz / Single phase or three phase
Pipe Size: 3/4" Feed, 1/2" Permeate, 1/2" Concentrate, 1/2" Flush (BSP thread)


Operating Pressure: 180 PSI | Max. Feed TDS | 1000 ppm
Normal Salt Rejection: 99% | Max. Feed Hardness | 15 ppm
Minimum Salt Rejection: 96% | Feed pH Range | 3.0 - 10.0 ppm
Operating Temperature: 20 oC - 45 oC | Free Residual Chlorine | 0.1 ppm
Minimum Feed Pressure: 1.5Kg | Recovery Rate | 60% - 75%

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