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800GPD / 100LPH Reverse Osmosis Purifier (RO)




Production Capacity: 800GPD / 100 to 125LPH @ 25°C

Salt Rejection: 96-98%

Recovery Rate: 50-75%

Connection: 3/8”Feed, 1/2”Permeate, 1/2”Concentrate


RO Membrane: 2.5" x 40” (LP-31-2540 Membrane)

Membrane Housing: SS304 body + ABS end caps - 2054 x 1pc

Pump: Italian Rotary Vane Pump 400LPH@12Bar + 1/2HP Taiwan Motor

Frame: Electro-Plated SS304

Pre-Filter: (2 x 20” Std Housing + PP Cartridge 5um + CTO Cartridge)

Solenoid Valve x 2 Normaly Closed

Low Pressure Switch x 1

Concentrate Recycling Valve x 1

Control Panel Components

RO Controller: Pre-programmed RO working procedures + permeate TDS monitor

Pressure Gauges x 2: Filter Feed + RO Feed

Flow Meters x 2: RO Permeate + RO Concentrate

Pressure Regular: SS316

Main Power Switch x 1


Price: R17999.00 excl.


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