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Rhino RO

Features about this water purifier

  • Compact and portable Ammo Case
  • 12 volt inverter that connects onto a electrical port in your car
  • 24 Volt Pump with transformer  ( Can be connected to a wall power supply or into the car power port )
  • 150 GPD Membrane ( makes 20 Liters per hour )
  • High Pressure Switch 
  • Filters are easy to change and cost effective
  • Vlush valve to keep membrane cleaner for longer
  • Connects onto 20mm or 15mm tap

Optional extras for system

  • 20Liter bottle with float switch and tap for R500


Filter maintenance on this purifier


Every 6 - 12 Months Price for filter alone Price for filters together
Sediment 5 Micron Filter Inline R149.00  
Activated Carbon Block Inline R149.00  
Post Carbon Inline R99.00 R350.00
Every 2 - 5 Years    
Membrane 150 GPD R649.00 R890.00
Filter changes depends on the quality and quantity of water that you put into the system to be cleaned.


This purifier can be customized to your needs, please call us on 084 209 0009


Price : R3400.00

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