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3 Stage big blue with bracket


Will remove sediment, dirt, rust, mud, Lime, chlorine and lots more from your water source.

Uses for this purifier

Whole house, bore hole, Pre Reverse Osmosis, Rain water.



Flow rate: +/- 5000 LPH

Pressure: The incoming pressure can be low to a maximum of 8 Bars

Inlet / Outlet Size: 25mm


Maintenance: Filters should be changed every 3-10 Months depending on quality of water supply.


Filters for the 3 Stage Big Blue With Bracket Price for filter alone Price for filters together
Pleated Sediment or String Wound Filter R249.00  
Activated Carbon Block (CTO) R349.00  
Sediment 5 Micron Filter R190.00 R749.00
We do service water purifiers!!!  Service fee = R360.00


For service or to order call: 084 209 0009


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