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New arrival 

Under counter Ultraviolet water sterilizer purifier!


Fits under the counter saving counter space

Full metal faucet that's modern and stylish

Filters is cost effective

Stages of filtration

Stage 1: 5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment filter - Removes everything you can see with the naked eye. (Sand, worms, leaves)

Stage 2: Granule Activated Carbon filter - Chlorine and Lime

Stage 3: 1 Micron Activated Carbon Block filter - Chemicals and impurities

Stage 4: Post Inline Carbon filter - Gives water a great tast and neutralizes any odours

Stage 5: UV Light - Destroys more than 99% of bacteria and viruses found in water

Added features

Includes a pressure regulator to insure the water pressure that enters the purifier stays the same. No space wasted with a storage tank.

Filter maintenance

It is recommended to replace all the filters every 10-12 months.

Price: R2499.00 now R1750.00

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