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DAB Esybox Mini 3 Variable Speed Drive Pump

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Description :

DAB eSybox Mini 3 is the DAB compact automatic pressureisation system for the watersupply of a single dwelling.


Features :

- Class leading variable speed drive (VSD) technology

- Energy-efficient operation

- Easy to install, operate and program

- High-quality construction for durability and reliability

- Consistent pressure throughout the house.

- Efficient and quiet 45dB(A)


What does it do:

-The DAB easy box Mini 3 is a variable speed pump that adjusts performance according to water demand, providing constant pressure to all taps.


Good to know:

-Noise level: Low noise levels


-Set point adjustable from 1 up to 5 Bar



Category : Water pump variable speed

Brand : DAB

Model : Esybox Mini 3

Warranty : Limited (24 Months)

Colour: Green

Power : 0.75 Kw Voltage: 220v

Flow Rate : 80 Ltrs/M (4800L/H) (3-4 taps)

Maximum ambient temperature: 0°C-+55°C

Maximum liquid temperature: 0°C-+45°C

UV Resistant : YES



Service Fee : R450

Traveling outside Gauteng : R7/Km


What is in the box:

- DAB Esybox Mini 3 variable speed drive pump 0.75Kw


Dimentions :

Shipping Dimensions : Size : 44cm(L) x 26cm(W) x 23cm(H)

Weight : 15Kg


Shipping Options in SA:

Courier to Main City's : R150

Courier to Towns : R245

Courier to Remote Towns / Plots / Farms / Mines : R590

Delivery in Gauteng only : R250

Installation : R1150 + Fittings

Traveling outside Gauteng : R7/Km


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