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Do you want to get rid of chlorine, EDC’s sediment tastes, and odors? 

The MegaChar is designed to remove sediment, tastes, odors, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds from water entering your home. 

It comprises a 50-liter fiberglass vessel and valve with manual rinse and backwash features. 

The vessel can withstand pressures up to 6 bar.  

How does a mega char work?

The mega char is a fiberglass vessel that can be filled with different media designed to filter water obtained from the municipal, borehole, wellpoint, or rainwater source. Depending on your requirements and water quality one or more of the filtration media are used to fill the fiberglass vessel. Filtration media, coconut shell activated carbon, and iron removal media is used most often.

The tubular design that is used makes it more effective than similar filters because of the longer "detention time" that the water has with the media. The water flows from the top down through a tightly packed bed of media, which allows the water to be filtered completely. Pushing up through the riser tube, the water is directed to either filter, backwash, or rinse. The backwash and rinse cycles ensure that the filter stays clean on the inside and prevents the water from forming tunnels through the media. It also extends the lifetime of the media. Automatic and manual valves are available for backwash and rinse functions




Complete Megachar 1665 Vessel with Automatic Filter Head (3/3) 5T


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