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The double stage countertop is a water purifier that is placed on top of the counter and has its own tap on the system.

This is a double stage and normally comes with a polypropylene filter and a carbon block filter.

These two filters take out dirt, rust, silt, chlorine, and some heavy metals. It also makes your water smell and tastes better.

The unit comes with connection fittings to connect it to the main water supply.


Compact and small

Not expensive to maintain

Easy installation

Unit is portable to take with on camps and trips

3-year warranty

Easy filter change

Stages of filtration

Stage 1

Filter: Polypropylene

Function: Removing sand, mud, rust, sediment, etc. in water

Stage 2

Filter: Granular activated carbon

Function: Removing chlorine, lime, lead, etc. in water

Filter Maintenance:

It is recommended to replace the filters every 10 - 12 months depending on the quality of the water source


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