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DMI-65 Iron removal Media 21Kg

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Description :
DMI-65 is a brown coloured powerful silica sand based catalytic water filtration media that is designed for the
removal of Iron and Manganese without the use of potassium permanganate. It is produced in Australia. The unique microporous structure of DMI-65 efficiently removes dissolved iron to the almost undetectable levels as low as 0.001 PPM and manganese to 0.001 PPM. DMI-65 acts as an oxidation catalyst with immediate oxidation and filtration of the insoluble precipitates derived from this oxidation reaction. DMI-65 can also remove Arsenic, Aluminium and other heavy metals.



Features :
- Removes Iron and Manganese

- Reduce Amonia in water


What does it do:
It removes Iron and Manganese from water

Good to know:
It is used for General Potable / Drinking water treatment, Municipal water treatment, Waste water treatment, Water re-use applications, Ground water treatment, Aquaculture systems, Agricultural water treatment


Category : Purifier / Whole House / Borehole
Brand : Quantum
Model : MDMI65
Warranty : No 
Colour: Black / Dark Grey
Mesh Size : 20 x 30
Maximum media bed depth : 60%
Wieght : 21Kg
Installation : The media needs to be inserted into a FRP Vessel
Working Temperature : 1 - 45 ?


Introduce a small amount of Sodium Hypochlorite every 6 Months.
Replace the media every 3 - 5 Years or as calculated by you water treatment specialist.

Service Fee : R550
Traveling outside Gauteng : R7/Km


Dimentions : 
Size : 10cm(L) x 27cm(W) x 53cm(H) 
Weight : 21Kg

Shipping Dimentions :
Size : 10cm(L) x 27cm(W) x 53cm(H)
Weight : 21Kg


What is in the bag:
- 1 x 21kg Bag DMI-65


Shipping Options in SA:
Courier to Main City's : R150
Courier to Towns : R250
Courier to Remote Towns / Plots / Farms / Mines : R350

Delivery in Gauteng only : R350
Traveling outside Gauteng : R7/Km

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