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Softening resin 25L

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Description :
Cation exchange resin is a polystyrene matrix of gel-type strong acid cation exchange resin containing sulfonic acid, and solid acid for the removal of Calcium, Magnesium and other hardness-forming elements in water which lead to scaling of pipework, geysers, kettles etc.
Install an appropriately designed softener for your application.



Features :
- Used in water softeners to remove Calcium and Magnesium from water. Reduce lime scale in water.


What does it do:
Ion-exchange resin reduce the hardness by replacing magnesium and calcium (Mg2+ and Ca2+) with sodium or potassium ions (Na+ and K+).

Good to know:
The resin beads need to be recharged regularly with sodium chloride or sodium hydroxide, depending on the type of resin used.


Category : Purifier / Whole House / Borehole
Brand : UMEK
Model : MRS1
Warranty : No 
Colour: Yellow 
Volume : 21L
Maximum media bed depth : 60%
Installation : The media needs to be inserted into a FRP Vessel
Working Temperature : 1 - 45 ?


Replace the media every 12 Months or as calculated by you water treatment specialist.

Service Fee : R550
Traveling outside Gauteng : R7/Km


Dimentions : 
Size : 14cm(L) x 36.5cm(W) x 57cm(H)
Weight : 21Kg

Shipping Dimentions :
Size : 14cm(L) x 36.5cm(W) x 57cm(H)
Weight : 21Kg


What is in the bag:
- 1 x 25L Cation Resin

Shipping Options in SA:
Courier to Main City's : R150
Courier to Towns : R250
Courier to Remote Towns / Plots / Farms / Mines : R350

Delivery in Gauteng only : R350
Traveling outside Gauteng : R7/Km

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