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pH Pen with case

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Description :
Digital pH Meter Pen for easy pH measurement.
Compact and ready for quick measurements of you hydroponics, aquarium, pool or any other pH measurement.
It?s factory calibrated and calibration powders is also included if you want to recalibrate.
Also comes with an enclosure for convenient storage.

Features :
- Measures the pH in Water
- Turn on - off switch located on top of battery
- Reading from 0.0 - 14.0 pH
- LCD indicator panel

What does it do:
Measure pH in water.

Category : Water Quality Tester
Brand : ATC
Model : APHPT1
Warranty : Limited (6 Months)
Colour: Yellow / Black
Accuracy : +/- 0.1% pH
Battery : 3 x 1.5V Button Cell battery (included)(LR44)
Working Temperature : 0 - 60 ?

Good to know:
- PH value of 7 is a neutral, Less than 7 is acidic (The lower the more acidic), Greater than 7 is an alkaline (The higher the more alkaline)

Replace batteries when depleated
3 x 1.5V Button Cell batteries (LR44)

What is in the box:
- pH ATC water tester
- 3 x 1.5V Button Cell batteries (installed)
- Hard Case
- Buffer powder 4.00 x 1
- Buffer powder 6.86 x 1
- Calibration screwdriver
- Manual

Dimentions :
Size : 15.0cm(L) x 2.9cm(W) x 2.0cm(H)
Weight : 50g

Shipping Dimentions :
Size : 17.0cm(L) x 6.0cm(W) x 3.0cm(H)
Weight : 100g

Shipping Options in SA:
Main City's : R115
Towns : R245
Remote Towns / Plots / Farms / Mines : R590

Delivery in Gauteng only : R250
Traveling outside Gauteng : R7/Km

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