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Clinobrite 25Kg

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Features :

- Clinobrite is a direct substitute for outdated filter sand or glass in filters.
- Absorbs ammonia.
- Reduces your pool's chlorine demand.
- No more red, burning eyes.
- No more unpleasant "pool smell".
- Absorbs and holds harmful heavy metals such as lead.
- It can be regenerated and used over again.

What does it do:

This Media filter removes everything that is bigger in size than 5 Micron (Sand, Rust, Dust, Dirt, Leaves)
It will also remove Ammonia and reduce the levels of Mercury and Lead.

Good to know:
The media will last longer compare to similar products.
This product is environmentally friendly


Category : Purifier / Whole House / Borehole
Brand : Clinobrite
Model : MCB25
Warranty : Limited (6 Months)
Colour: Grey
Maximum media bed depth : 60%
Volume : 25Kg
Installation : The media needs to be inserted into a FRP vessel
Working Temperature : 1 - 80 ?


Replace the media every 1 - 4 Years
This will be calculated by Volume of water used and Quality of your water source

Service Fee : Contact for price
Traveling outside Gauteng : R7/Km?


Dimentions : 
Size : 13cm(L) x 35cm(W) x 68cm(H) 
Weight : 25Kg

Shipping Dimentions :
Size : 13cm(L) x 35cm(W) x 68cm(H)
Weight : 25Kg


What is in the bag:

- 1 x 25Kg Clinobrite Media


Shipping Options in SA:

Courier to Main City's : R150
Courier to Towns : R250
Courier to Remote Towns / Plots / Farms / Mines : R350

Delivery in Gauteng only : R350
Traveling outside Gauteng : R7/Km

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